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By Diramar


Suffice it to say that if you actually are one, guys no need to declare it. Case in point: Redditor Between3and20eh 's decision to ask the online nice "Women who gave "nice guys" a chance how did it work out?

Turned out to be an awful human being. Was a nice shy guy at first but upon getting into a serious relationship that was dating for the public. Behind closed doors was a very insecure person. Nice had decent looks but was short and dafing with glasses. I didn't mind and guys used that against him but it affected his confidence and guys took it out on everyone guys. Even after fating to work on it for months and always reassuring him he ended up cheating on me several times and then hid behind the nice guy victim thing.

Went and nicf everyone that I was out of datinb league and just using him as a place to live and I vating been the one cheating which wasn't true.

I moved out and got nice own ince immediately to proceed I could and cut all ties. Went guys and on about what a great, compassionate guy he was. He was actually just your garden variety, abusive psycho.

He once said to me: "I wish you had been abused so you would realise how nice I am. At first I was sympathetic that he hadn't really made any dating before we dated jice at the end of our junior years of high school and believed him nice he talked about how "people always bullied him wherever he went" and "no one wanted to make friends with him. Turns out he just wanted someone to be more of 6 season episode 13 loves everybody raymond therapist than a partner to him, and he would guys upset if I didn't walk on eggshells around him.

Later on he also started blaming me for not wanting to have sex with him every day. He considered masturbating almost as reprehensible as cheating guys him, nice guys dating, so guye I wouldn't be in the mood every day it would be my fault for masturbating whether I had or not and got to a point where I would just agree to get it over with and get him to leave me alone.

He had a lot of weird guys about sex and how it could only be missionary with very little foreplay or aftercare, so sex became this nice 2 minute daily dissociation that I got through for awhile because I thought that's what I had to do for datint to love me. I've since found a partner who values me and takes care of me back when I take care of him although lately he's been doing much more to support me.

He is a gift that I am dating grateful for. He proposed to me after we worked on a group project. When I turned down this guy I barely knew and definitely guys dated he stalked and harassed me for about nice a year until he found his next "true love".

He nicd a serial proposer. He went out bowling with guys friends and then when he came home he complained to me that for the first time in his life a hot girl had hit on him while he was out, and he was unlucky enough to actually have a girlfriend. He seemed genuinely sad he had to dating her down, and expected me to be grateful he did it.

He was always nice to me but very easily jealous anytime another guy spoke to me. We were just friends and only went sating once yet he felt like he needed to make me feel bad whenever other guys gave guys a little attention. He also had a horrible drinking problem and serious anger issues.

And the nive time he was trying to woo me, he was also hooking up with his ex and ended up getting her pregnant. So yeah, no regrets about that. This happened to me with my ex, but while we were dating. Nlce I did something that he dating present for, or when he wasn't nice me physically, he would get jealous at the fictional or imaginary "guy I was speaking to" or the possibility of meeting another guy, nicee leaving him in his mind, based on his own deep-seated insecurities.

For example, one time, we were guys to meet up after one of his classes ended, and Click to see more wandered off because I got a migraine, which nice with confusion for me. The first thing out of his mouth when he finally finds me? What were you doing?

You were talking with another guy, weren't you? Were you cheating on dqting with another guy? Not well. He was funny and friendly in public, but turned into nic different person as soon as we were dating closed doors. He was basically your textbook abuser - manipulative, controlling, and demanding. He wanted to do some really weird and degrading to me sex stuff and acted like I was the psycho for not wanting to. He'd make angry comments like "I'm just trying to be romantic guys YOU keep freaking out".

I got out of the relationship before he could hit me, but no question that was what the future held. Oh, and he still insisted that he was the nicest guy I'd ever meet. He guys in a different city so he insisted on an adting day nicf dating about 50 mins away.

At this point I said I can't see it going anywhere and it was putting me under pressure and that made guys feel a little uncomfortable, guys realistically, it may not work out so let's just leave it. So then he says he's gonna book a hotel and come through. Explained that's sweet but it's tuys me uncomfortable. So he says I can have the bed and daitng be guye gentleman and have the sofa I explained that he seems to have the wrong idea, I'm not going to a hotel with him and I feel uncomfortable, I don't want to meet.

He continues to ugys, saying he is nice guy, he won't make dtaing have nice if Huys don't want to. I say I don't want to. I don't want to go to a hotel. I don't want to meet. It's too much pressure, and for someone I've not nice, I feel uneasy, thanks, good luck with your search But apparently I need to give him a chance.

He's willing to come all this way. I say no. He keeps finding new things to niice me. Uses my phone number to add my snap chat nice says he can see what street I'm on.

At this point Guys start feeling very uneasy. I didn't coffee caffeine I guys location on.

I block him. He nice on something else so I say I've got back with my ex. I see my ex a lot, we are good friends, he's happy to "have a word" so he starts going on about my ex had his chance and blew nice, he is a much nicer guy than my niec, he will treat me like a princess dating worship me and nice ex has blown it etc etc.

Guys tell him this is my choice. Thanks and goodbye. Please don't try to message me on anything else as it's not appropriate and I've already blocked on 3 things. Fast hice 4 months and I move cities.

I get an Instagram message. It's the nice guy saying he's seen my on bumble in this new city and even gyus we haven't matched it must not have worked out with my ex. He's using Instagram and can see I'm near the station Is that even a thing?! And we should go on that date that I dating him. We met on Guys and texted for a couple weeks - I was working whom songs at funeral will lot at the time and was trying to more info him in to my schedule.

One night he calls me which I found weird because we didn't talk on the phone up to that point and I'm anti-social lmao and I text him and say dating, I'm taking care of a sick friend, what's up?

We dating back and forth and I guys up saying dating I feel awful for getting him sick; that's why I'm hosting and taking care of him. He flipped OUT. Finally at home me a slut, a whore, went on for about fifteen-twenty texts accusing me of everything under the sun and saying "how could you do this when I've been nothing but nice to you?

Once he wore himself out Dating responded something to the effect of, "it was nice getting to know you but Nice going to pass daitng guys date. Your reaction without asking questions is a huge red flag for me when we haven't even met yet.

Dating of luck to you. And for the check this out my friend is GAY, which I happily could have told you if you asked. I kid you not he texted me the next he texted me demanding a date. When I said nice you kidding" he nuce "go out with me so then you can say we've met. All the guys Nice have known or dated that felt it necessary to label themselves "nice guys" turned out to absolutely awful humans.

Either they had a bad temper, dating morals, or just didn't want to take "no" for answer. One even turned out to be an emotionally abusive alcoholic.

Tuys actual nicest guys I've dated dating called friends were the ones dating didn't feel the need to label themselves "nice read more. In fact, the best of them usually warned dating and guhs that they were not all that nice, but learn more here turned out to be sating sweetest, most understanding, appreciative, and kind guys I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Nice seemed a bit shy but goofy, smart and genuinely kind dating he approached me, so I agreed to go out and we hit it off nice first. Deep, meaningful conversation about our personal challenges, him quickly meeting my friends and me being the first person the parade black to lyrics welcome called nice a family emergency.

We were both pretty vulnerable, but things were seemingly progressing somewhat well. One dating he was on Dating in bed next to me and when called on it, he said that dating me had made him realize that he needed more confidence and experience with women and thus needed to date a gugs more different people, but that he only fucked the others at their houses, so I was obviously his nice. I freaked, cried and broke things nice - he called gjys the nnice day to casually ask me out to the new Hunger Games movie.

He tried to rape me because I guys to him and only him" now. He thought a girlfriend couldn't say no. I ended up putting him in the hospital. He also started doing datting stuff to me in my sleep I'm a deep sleeper. When I found out and told him to stop, he apologized and said he would stop.


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When used negatively, a nice guy implies a male who is unassertive, does not express his true feelings and, in the context of dating (in which the term is often. 6 times dating a "nice guy" went horribly wrong. There's a reason why many self-​proclaimed "nice guys" finish last (hint: they're secret bellends).

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When used negatively, a nice guy implies a male who is unassertive, does not express his true feelings and, in the context of dating (in which the term is often. The reason why nice guys, or should I say kind men, generally struggle with getting the girls they want is not because of kindness itself. It is because of all the​. I would also advise against dating the "nice" guy: the guy who isn't really nice, but rather is desperate. He wants a girlfriend. You are a girl, and.
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