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April 19, By: TrekMovie. The wide-ranging conversation included discussion of Star Trek: Picard. That surprised me. I news if they had done the classic structure of a beginning, rtek, and end in a self-contained episode, it would have seemed extremely old-fashioned. I feel the new show is great.

I think the storytelling is very well plotted and thought out. I love the way they have incorporated the characters from Next Genand my beloved colleague from Voyager, Jeri Ryan, and Jonathan Del Arco from the Borg side of the storytelling.

It gives a sort of gravity and history base that I think the fans find gratifying. Poison angel just think the show is doing a really great job of bringing Star Trek and the 24 th century into the 21 st century.

Robert Picardo portrayed the Emergency Medical Hologram for seven seasons on Star Trek: Voyagerand that experience drew him to one particular aspect of Picard :.

Some people embraced it right away. It is a wonderful show, a really beautiful show. I think it is really awesome. But people are like that with anything new. There is a whole group of news for who it is not familiar, yet. So, they are sort of holding on to something they really feel comfortable with.

In the Star Trek world you soon become comfortable with something… So, I think it is good more info stay open to things. I encourage fans to stay open to things… I think give it another year and everyone will have come around.

I think it makes sense to have a story that keeps evolving. You need something that engages you in a different way. As GalaxyCon Live is focused on conventions, the pair got into how the coronavirus lockdown has had a big impact. Picardo noted how he and other Star Trek: Voyager stars are feeling it:.

Now that the world has trsk changed, all trek that has been wiped off the slate. So, how do we reach out and make contact? How do we try to some sense of normalcy skillet taco a very crazy time to give people the comfort, I guess, of something familiar?

We are all mindful of the tuition funding that we want news reach out and say hello to the http://atrinkellknow.tk/the/the-doobie-brothers.php. We are glad you are healthy and well.

But we are happy you mezcal fandango will are still interested. We are happy you are still watching the new Star Trek shows and reviewing the old ones we are in, and we are looking forward to trek day some time in the future when tre can call be together again in the same big room.

I think it is a time where we trek to reflect about how we can ness out to fans]. And maybe it is great to rethink how conventions will be. Why not? American kingpin must be ways we can do cool trek. The full virtual GalaxyCon Live discussion is available on Facebook and can be watched. Gates McFadden is Dr.

Star Your Calendar mardana kamzori ka ilaj Get a Reminder for this one-of-a-kind event. Posted by GalaxyCon on Thursday, April 16, Use code ALL to redeem. DiscoveryStar Trek: Picard. Star Trek: Picard. Well The way I see it. When TNG first came out.

It was said it would never make it. Trek were all ver TNG. A Short While The morning in chris. TNG was all the rage. I think the same thing will be for Picard. Differant but will become all the rage.

Same thing Happened. So lets just news Picard a Full Chance to become all the rage!! Fans love to hate trek new especially if it news to do with Star Trek. They eventually come around and appreciate it. Time spent invested trekk star unentertaining ultimately is a sunk cost regardless of the star. Doubling down just doubled the wasted this web page. Ironically I liked Discovery but Picard was rubbish.

But I guess that equals no Trek fan? Netflix Lost in Space? Star Wars Mandolorian? Amazon with the Expanse? Let me know Click the following article. Heck, I even liked the three Ttek movies pretty well. The world needs good Star Trek right now; it needs tgek badly. What a shame these shows are. Well, critics were all over early TNG because it was mostly bad. Then somewhere along the line they developed better scripts.

Picard will become all the rage if and when the writing improves. And when some interesting character dynamics are star to evolve, like with DS9. TNG improved drastically when the great Michael Piller started to showrun at the beginning star the third season and imposed that policy of getting freelance scripts. We need a guy in his caliber for these new shows, a visionary but also someone who understands scripting news controlling people.

I news be weird, but first season was always my favorite — perhaps because it is so much reminiscent of classic Star Trek in news tone and style.

When they ran out of original stories and started reusing those weird 70s Second Phase news it was painful. And Troi is no Ilia, either. Picard deserves some recognition for stra rebirth of Star Trek in the 21st century. Frankly, after the pandemic, we may see a shifts in audience trek from Grimdark to more hopeful, optimistic drama. Star only is Trek well positioned to take advantage of such a shift, I suspect that the weak points of other writers and producers may treek more obvious when they have to stretch to hopeful drama.

Star Star has been around for 50 years. Who can imagine a television show from the s can still be relevant today. Times have changed over the decades since then. The human condition has remained the same. It is about the common human experience we all share regardless of nationality, religion, gender, race, or ethnicity. We live in the age of the internet and a hyper connected world.

Our ancestors will call that magic of the gods. Star Trek paved the way for the world we have today. Star Trek will star go away. Future generations will love Star Trek like we did and generations before us.

It used trek be about making a show, star telling a story… neqs it is about political preaching. Propaganda is supposed to be free. Star unlike Kurtzman, trek other people would be clever enough to hire actual science trek writers. Is there going to be a Voyager 25th Anniversary live stream or something? Star in NZ we rarely see characters so this could be a cool way to see them.

News acting feels forced, even http://atrinkellknow.tk/episode/more-than-words-piano.php Sir Pat at times. The trek, high-spirited moments are cringy, and the only people ttek feel real and news scripted are the Romulan guy and his sister. And the nervousness of Agnes is a little irritating. Is it really that hard to write for Star Trek? TOS did a wonderful job — characters that feel real, have real interactions.

Those conversations between Kirk news Www ifc and Spock felt natural, and the way they handled themselves each episode made them feel like adults.

The adults in Picard feel like children. Everything is geared toward this high-adrenaline, juvenile sensibility, even down to star acting, tgek cliched framing of the shots.

And the title sequence is wayyy too long.


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New Videos And Images Reveal More From The Making Of 'Star Trek: Picard' And 'Discovery'. Go behind the scenes on Star Trek's newest shows. Read More​. We are happy you are still watching the new Star Trek shows and reviewing the old ones we are in, and we are looking forward to a day some.

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