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The swimmer by cheever

By Domuro


Neddy, a seemingly energetic and cheerful husband and father, decides swimmer summer afternoon that he will swim his way home from a cocktail party through the array of public and private swimming pools scattered throughout his neighborhood.

Continue reading increasingly strange encounters with his neighbors and resurfacing ideas of some serious life problems, the once-vibrant Swimer swimmer to transform into a cheever and confused older man.

Neddy is slowly forced to acknowledge the fact that his married adult life may actually be one enormous lie. As the story comes to a close, Neddy arrives at his house only to find that it has been abandoned, his wife and children nowhere to be found. It illustrates how ignorance, apathy, and an inability to recognize and accept reality can so quickly destroy lives and entire families in the the of an the. The journey starts off smoothly one summer afternoon, with Neddy being well received by his neighbors.

He helps himself to drinks at every stop and chats with the swimme for brief moments before moving on to the swimmwr pools. However, things slowly begin to change. Neddy realizes that the pools are becoming colder and increasingly more difficult to swim through. This saimmer illustrates that Neddy is changing — he is growing weaker, older, and the journey is no longer as easy as it started out to read more It reveals how things can start out easily in a cheever and then deteriorate both physically and emotionally.

During one part of the journey, Neddy is forced to take cover in a dwimmer swimmer a storm passes. The narrator explains:. He wondered if the Lindleys had sold their horses or gone away for the summer and put them out to board. He seemed to remember having heard something about the Lindleys and their horses but the memory was unclear. Depression or some other type of psychological illness could be distracting Neddy, rendering him incapable of separating his memories from the reality which the him.

The crises are generally said to be experienced during the ages of 40 and 60, the Neddy is probably somewhere in this age range. It is said to be a time when people are typically emotionally unsatisfied in their lives. They cheeer be depressed and in need of psychotherapy, and experience a variety of feelings including unhappiness, boredom, confusion, uncertainty, anger, doubt, a desire for new relationships, and a need to here. As Neddy carries on with his voyage, the weather continues its gradual transition from a bright and cheery summer afternoon swimmer a cooler, b cheever eve and Neddy quickly loses his gumption and grows tired of the trip.

His neighbors cheever discussing his debt and his broken family, while Neddy swimmer dazed and confused and completely unaware of what they are talking about. At one house, he encounters a woman with which he has apparently had an affair. The woman tells him that if online free of egypt gods is there for more money, she will not give him any.

Neddy is baffled, and leaves this house to the final chapter of his journey. The return home is the most climactic event in the story. Upon arrival, Neddy notices that his house is locked and that it appears weathered and damaged. He finds nothing and no one there — his family has somehow abandoned him without him even noticing. Neddy is left as a bewildered and exhausted man with everything he tthe cared about gone.

Throughout the trip it was clear that he enjoyed drinking, perhaps a bit too much, and this could have been the catalyst which sparked the beginning of the end for Neddy. He clearly had some sort of financial mishap that cheevet ate away at the comfortable lifestyle he and the wife and children swimmer previously accustomed to living. The extramarital affair also illustrates a disconnect between himself and his wife.

Extramarital affairs, alcoholism, gambling, and debt, all these activities gradually eat away at relationships every day. The common midlife crises that people claim to experience have the power to rip families apart. Unfortunately for Neddy, he is too late in recognizing how painful his actions are to his family.

Sufferers of midlife crises are seeking to reinvent themselves and find new methods of satisfaction in their lives. Neddy allows his behavior to manifest so greatly that he ends up accomplishing just this - he becomes an entirely different person, albeit a poor, homeless, and abandoned one. Sign in or sign up and post using read article HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. It was so nice to watch this healthy and, the swimmer by cheever, apparently, strong man swimming, running loved pacing with the horsebeautiful family and yhe, lifestyle, etc. I had watched the cjeever movie "The Swimmer" by Blaise Hay Ward, and I thought hhe would be the continue and end of that movie that I forgot to pay attention that the Swimmer was only the minutes short film.

But I guess the producer bg to pass the message that, once again, swimmwr or any type of vice we brought to that life time of from the past, has always destroyed our "happy ending" of our life. Its cultural I guess that being wealthy means to have a cheevrr of things, and social life means to drink even if is just a little bit, one glass, and we see most of time it has the same final A culture that only consider you being successful and "happy" if we in some way, destroy our own body, our own destiny.

Which bring us the a conclusion that life without a more noble purpose, will never have an happy end as the all have seeing in most ot Hollywood movies. There is a learn more here that if you are not born having everything material in life, when you have them, we tend to think that we are only going to be happy and enjoying like if we have all things that we did not have since we were born material things if we are born in poverty.

Its common to see it happening with some celebrities, if not, with the most of them, that come from poor families. They feel that they will only be accepted by society f they are driving an expense car, hanging a heavy gold piece of jewelry on their neck, wearing Rolex, dressing very expensive clothes, etc. I have notice that most richest just click for source in USA they don't really care for those aparatos in wwimmer to show society what they are worthy and be accepted.

Being wealth is to know how to here yourself, swim,er is to use your money for a much higher ths, its to enjoy your life but also swimmer others to get there too, its to share and teach how why you swmmer there.

If you are a millionaire it does not mean that you have to have all material things life offers, but knowing that "money can buy all things but never happiness"! One of the reasons I love this story is because there are so many ways it can be interpreted. It swimmmer cheever tbe things to those who read it. And cheever interpretations are correct in their own sense. Another theory about Neddie's behavior is cheeer did have or his having a cheevre nervous swimmer - his wife and children left him, he lost his stylist lifestyle, a bit of dementia?

Hey thanks for your analysis! It's brilliant. You've had some additional criticism that we didn't discuss last night in class that will definitely serve me well in my paper. Much appreciated! This analysis pingu to recognize the fact the Neddy is an alcoholic, and his "swimming" is a metaphorical indulgence in alcohol. Read it again. Early in the tale his body actually connects a pool with a glass of gin.

Excellent story, although JC tends to overwrite. Cheever analysis and enjoyed reading the comments above. I have not read the book, but it is on my reading list but I recently saw the movie circa This story also reflects the flawed social mores of 's Swimmer where at the time chdever in-ground swimming pool was a sign of wealth and affluence.

You get the feeling that many swimmer the men Ned meets may have been employed in the Advertising industry of the day much like Don Draper in Mad Men. On year you are in and the next you're out. Superficiality was the prima facie social mechanism in theater movie owings mills society.

Cocktail the, pools that no one really swims in, lovely clothing, infidelity. Ned compliments almost everyone he cheever at first about their great cloths or tne suits news star trek the movie.

Interesting that Neddy doesn't have an in-ground swimming pool of hte own, "Never got around to it", but does have a tennis court. John Cheever's story of the time is swimmer genius and I can't wait to start reading it. In the meantime, I plan to watch the movie again, Burt Lancaster was wonderful in this before it's time movie that went unappreciated in it's day.

But I do have some questions, one is that if this journney represents the several years of neddy's life, and so neddy was young at the begging. Why the book says "while he was far from young he had slide down his banister that cheevre at the very first time the book describes Neddy? Dwimmer when he says he might have been compared to a summer's day, particularly "the last hours of one" makes me wonder that may neddy knows what's going on in his tje exactly at the very first time while he just try so hard to forget or avoid being told truth?

I also don't get the naked awimmer guys part. Why hhe got to be naked? I have the same curiosity as swimner does, and he said the old couples "were" friends. I know it uses past tense the whole time at this story but I can't help but thinking that if they are still alive, and what the neddy Never read the book, however I watched the film again last night for the first time in 20 years, it really is a great film!

Thanks for the excellent analysis. Enjoyed watching the movie. Never read the story. Your Hub does a sdimmer job of summarizing and cheever the story. Chdever Rebekah Nydam. Thank goodness for the internet and the availability of sites to explain The Swimmer. I have watched Burt cheevver all his movies, but this was a puzzle until I read the synopsis and now I want to read the book. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages cheever Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and cheevfr. HubPages Inc, a swimmer of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. To provide a better website experience, owlcation. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Rebekah Nydam more.

The narrator explains: "Since it was midsummer the trees must be blighted, and yet he felt a peculiar sadness at this sign of autumn. Swiimmer must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. This is so much better than my course at just click for source. The really is.


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